5 things you need to remember before watching Stranger Things Season 4

Have you watched all seasons of Stranger Things till now? If yes, here are 5 things you need to remember before watching Stranger Things 4 which is releasing soon. Check the countdown here to know if Stranger Things Season 4 is already released or have any hours left yet.

As like every fans, you too were so excited for Season 4 of Stranger Things, right?

Anyways, without wasting any sort of time, let us tell you those 5 things which you should have remember before watching Stranger Things Season 4.

5 things to remember before watching Stranger Things 4 :

Read this complete article to know all those 5 things you should know before you start watching season 4 of Stranger Things.

Are you ready, now?

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NUMBER 1 : The Gang thwarted the Soviet plot to build an upside down opening machine underneath Starcourt Mall in Hawkins.

Do you remember that machine which opens the Upside Down World and how the Gang thwarted that machine underneath Starcourt Mall in Hawkins?

Upside Down Opening Machine

It seems good, but we’re pretty sure the Soviets have more schemes up their sleeves.

NUMBER 2 : Eleven lost her powers during the final battle with Mind Flayer.

As you already know from the new trailer of Stranger Things that Eleven don’t have any powers now, if now watch this video:

As you can see in this video that Eleven is so helpless that she can’t even help herself from the bullies.

During the battle with Mind Flayer, eleven was gravely injured. She recovers, but loses her telekinetic powers and becomes a normal teenager.

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NUMBER 3 : Billy sacrifices his life during the battle with Mind Flayer.

You may already know that Max’s big brother, Billy was possessed by the Mind Flayer but during the battle at the Starcourt Mall, Billy sacrifices his life to save his sister and her friends.

Billy sacrificed

But, Season 4 may bring Billy back not for the entire series but for a episode just for showing any sort of past happening as you know the Episode 4 name of season 4 is “Dear Billy” so yeah, it’s possible.

Click here to check all episodes name of Stranger Things Season 4.

NUMBER 4 : Hopper appears to explode along with the machine.

The last episode of Stranger Things Season 3 where the gang was battling with the Mind Flayer was so emotional episode from all.

There are several characters who lost their lives like Bob Newby, Billy but Hopper appears to explore when Joyce was forced to detonate it but he didn’t explode.

New Trailers of Stranger Things Season 4 shows David Harbour who plays Jim Hopper in Stranger Things is still alive and got prisoned somewhere in Russia.

Stranger Things Season 4 Set Photos Hopper

Have any question about his appearance in Season 4? Check this web story : David Harbour aka Jim Hopper Stranger Things Season 4

NUMBER 5 : Joyce with her children and Eleven left Hawkins.

The final thing you need to remember, with everything that was happened to them over the past few years, Joyce decides to pack up Will, Jonathan and Eleven, and move away from Hawkins.

Where they go?

Well, according to the different trailers, they were shifted from Hawkins to California.

Seems, more horrifying adventure is coming.

Stranger Things Season 4 Joyce & Murray

All right, that’s it. You are ready for Stranger Things Season 4.

Have a great weekend ahead!

Watch this, Before Watching Stranger Things 4:

Final Words:

We know you are so excited to watch stranger things season 4 but you have to still wait until its release which is on May 27th 2022. That’s why, we have this article for you about 5 important things you need to remember before watching Stranger Things 4.

If you are still looking for something which you want to know about Stranger Things Season 4 by Netflix Originals, we’re​ here to help you. We know everyone is so excited about season 4 release and can’t even wait for long to get their answers.

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