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I Am Lyrics:

I'm an angel, I'm a demon, I'm a newborn fawn
I'm the bobcat on the far side of the breaking dawn
I'm the ocean, I'm the black stone you have cast alone
I'm the vulture, I'm an eagle, I'm a debutant

Before the devil comes for you
Make sure you have paid your dues

I'm devotion to the preacher, I'm the priest you want
I'm on the front side of the fire side in the moonlit dark
I'm an angel, I'm the patron of the crash of sword
I'm an omen, I'm a showman, I'm the holy lord

Before the devil comes for you
Make sure you have paid your dues

I'm a vulture, I'm an eagle, I'm the crow you seek
I'm the morning, I'm a groaning underneath your feet
I'm for the witches covered in stitches, holy matricide
I'm an angel, I'm the devil and I'm coming inside

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I Am – Jamie’s Music Video:

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