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Dustin Henderson Stranger Things Quotes:

Here we go with Dustin Stranger Things Quotes…

Look, I’m not saying that my girlfriend is better than yours. But Suzie’s a certified genius.

We are nerds and freaks!

You’re being sarcastic? She’s being sarcastic.

Screw it.

Screw High School.

One sec. What do you think, Mike?

Let’s kill the son of a bitch!

Never tell me the odds.

Give me the D20!

How many phones do you have?

It’s me, It’s Dustin. This is Steve.

He is not gonna hurt you, right Steve?

He is cool. He is Cool.

We’re looking for you!

We’re on your side.

I swear on my mother, right guys?

You know how people say Hawkins is cursed? They’re not way off.

There’s another world hidden beneath Hawkins. Sometimes it bleeds into ours.

An undeath creature of great power.

A dark wizard.

There is nothing to worry about!

Whoa. Too far.

That’s bullshit!

Do you need to be told everything? You aren’t a child!

Boom, Badda Badda BOOM!

You keep an eye out. It’s my goddamn theory.

Right? I keep telling him he needs to tame that jungle, but he claims the ladies dig it.

We’re a team. Friends.

We’re gonna take a little swim. Little night swim.

Is it gross? Scale 1 to 10.

Holy Shit!

Are you even listening to me?


I overestimated them.

We think we have a theory that can help with that.

Water Gate isn’t the only gate. There is a gate at every murder site.

Okay. Seriously? How many times do I have to be right on the money before you guys just trust me?


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