Why Fans think Millie Bobby Brown could Die in Season 4?

Think right now about your favorite show outside of the one that we’re about to talk today and think about the main character that you adore in it. The one that you can’t wait to see what happens with them each season or even each episode, how sad would you be that character died in the show, would it be the same without them. Well, in stranger things, while there are many main characters, “Eleven” is the one that many have latched on to for one reason or another and for some they think season 4 might just be the time that she dies, allow us to show you stranger things season 4 why fans think Eleven played by Millie Bobby Brown could Die?

Reasons why fans think Millie Bobby Brown could die in season 4:

Reasons why fans thinks Millie Bobby Brown could die

Number 6: The Fan Speak

Following the release of the episode titles in November, many fans have been re-examining the events of the first look trailer and have deduced that Millie bobby brown will be in grave danger, thanks to a new secret lab.

In the welcome to California teaser trailer, quick snippets revealed scenes of a door in the middle of the desert before military vehicles appeared to congregate around a similar looking location. Fans are convinced that the door is a gateway to an underground military base that houses the Nina Project which is also the title given to episode 5 of Stranger Things Season 4. Just on the face of it, looking at the door in the desert, many folks will deduce on their own that it is the entrance to a secret base.

A reddit user posted you are correct to assume that so this underground base is a former US missile silo maybe a retired titan or atlas silo or hybrid of the two as from what we’ve seen they share different design bits the top side door belongs to an atlas silo complex and the lower base which we’ve seen in detail looks a lot like a titan one or two it was a total accident how I put this together as the inferior has distinct wall tiles and by chance I was reading a recent news article at the time about nuclear proliferation treaties and the stock photo used had the identical tiles and flooring I was bowled over the user continued even prior to that revelation I had already figured they were in an underground facility and recalled the vsf movie the cell, where the bad guy has a secret underground torture chamber hidden on a farm beneath a grain silo so having gone from grain silo to missile silo is pretty jaw dropping of course with the 004 footage out it all seems very obvious now. The redditor believes the facility looks like a converted lab similar to that of Hawkins.

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Number 5: Brenner

While it remains unknown as to whether there are children in the lab they go on to claim that it’s implied eleven is taken there in the teaser clip we also know for certain that Brenner is definitely related to this and that in turn all of that is related to a specific thing that was also revealed with the titles Project Nina they continued finally if it wasn’t already obvious the shots of the soldiers and MPs fighting in the tunnel are taken from within the actual facility itself.

Fans reckon that eleven’s capture could lead to her demise and shared their theories in response very interesting one replied so it was indeed a silo as I had suspected and it will be where they detain and entrap l for now it doubling as a lab means I think it will be where l remembers everything and where Brenner will return possibly restoring her powers too oh you are definitely on to something another added eleven could be triggered by fake footed maybe this is some type of sensory tank setup like the floating people in the minority report as the user connected previously here eleven is in the tank with the screens above her. That’s why, some fans think Millie Bobby Brown could die in this season.

Number 4: Powerless

Another thing that might just contribute to the potential of eleven’s death is that at the end of season 3 she doesn’t have her powers anymore she and mike both feel they’ll come back but to our knowledge they have not this is a key plot point as for much of the first three seasons eleven was very much all about using her powers to help herself and her friends and save lives but if her powers are gone that would explain why she’s getting captured so easily and how things might turn bad for her because without those powers she’s a regular girl and it’s very easy to detain a regular girl. May be this is why fans think that Millie Bobby Brown could die.

Number 3: Would they be so Bold

Naturally there are going to be some out there who think that given the beloved character of eleven as well as how actress Millie Bobby Brown is so good as the character they wouldn’t kill her off or at the very least not until something like the final episodes of the final season which may be season 5 based on hints from the team and Netflix but the thing that stranger things has made clear over its three seasons is that “death happens in this world” we saw it in season one with Barb which really got a reaction from fans in season two with Bob Newby who very much was not expected to die until he did and then season 3 with Billy and technically with hopper now it wouldn’t be the weirdest thing in the world for eleven to die and we have thought she died before like at the end of season one it all just depends on what the story dictates.

Number 2: Hopper’s Role

Obviously one of the biggest things that happened in stranger things was the father-daughter connection that grew between Jim Hopper and Jane Hopper aka Eleven and at the end of season 3 hopper’s death affected eleven heavily enough to go with the buyers when they left Hawkins. David Harbour’s character is of course alive and in Siberia and he’s teasing a lot about what can happen in season four.

While speaking to collider, harbour said “I mean it’s bigger that’s the first thing in scope and scale even in the idea that we’re not in Hawkins anymore we locale wise we’re bigger we’re introducing new stuff but we’re also tightening and wrapping up in a certain direction to make it have a clear clean specific and definite ending at some point which I can’t really talk about” he added I can talk about hopper I guess I say this about a lot of seasons but it’s my favorite season in the sense that he’s at his purist he’s at his most vulnerable in a sense he’s been as we’ve seen he’s in this Russian prison so we get to reinvent him in a sentence he gets to have a rebirth from what he had become and we’d always sort of plan this almost resurrection of you have Gandalf dies Gandalf the grey re-emerge and I’m really interested in this resurgence of him we get to explore a lot of threads in his life that have merely been hinted at and we get to see a lot more of and there are some real surprises that you know nothing about that will start to come out in this and play big as the series goes on and you know that he’s going to want to get back to eleven and it might be through him that she lives or maybe even dies we don’t know but give us those three inches of clearance to at least think about this.

Number 1: The Sacrifice

Another long-term storytelling bit that’s gone on with eleven was her transformation from a lab experiment to a regular girl complete with her learning what food she likes her dating mic and dancing with him at the snowball and having a summer to remember he among all of this was that she has gone out on a limb and defended her friends from danger at almost every turn when possible of course and inevitably.

She will reunite with hopper and the Hawkins crew to take down the mind flayer and whatever else comes from the upside down but that might just be how her death comes her powers have always been their trump card in various fights so what if she gets her powers back and then she has to use them in a way that causes her to die in order to save everyone that would be the ultimate gift to her friends and loved ones so that they could finally live in peace and she could die happy knowing that she gave everything for them now we are not saying that will happen but it could.

So what do you think of this look at stranger things season 4 and why some fans think that Millie Bobby Brown’s character might die in this season or in the next one do you think that they would kill off eleven or do you think that her character is way too important to even think about such a thing who do you think might die in season 4 let us know in the comments below.

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