Stranger Things Recap Rap Lyrics from Season 1 to 3 by their Casts

Hi Stranger Things fans, today we’re gonna provide you “Stranger Things Recap Rap Lyrics” where the stranger things casts including Noah Schnapp, Priah Ferguson, Caleb McLaughlin, Gaten Matarazzo and Maya Hawke recaps about what happened from Season 1 to Season 3 of Stranger Things.

Well, there is already a rap by Millie Bobby Brown but that’s just about Stranger Things Season 1. If you wanna check that rap lyrics, click me.

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Stranger Things Recap Rap Lyrics:

Hawkins, Indiana, Nineteen-Eighty-Three,
Dustin, Lucas, Will and Mike are playing DnD,
They wanna kill the Demogorgon when they roll the dice,
But that night, Will disappears riding on his bike – yikes!

“What the heck is going on?!” is everybody’s question,
And that’s before everything gets turned up to Eleven,
She has special powers but her life is kinda awful,
She’s always gettin’ nosebleeds and eatin’ Eggo waffles.
Barb goes missing by the pool one night,
And Joyce talks to Will with some Christmas lights,
Eleven’s with the fellas, turnin’ bullies into clowns,
And together they save Will from the Upside Down!

is a doozy, so you better grab the tissues,
Max and Billy hit the scene, and he’s got daddy issues, 
Will is pukin’ slugs and his visions won’t stop,
To top it off, his Mom has got a boyfriend Bob.

And Dustin has a slimy pet, growing big and fat,
He feeds it Three Musketeers (but it prefers the cat),
Steve and Nancy call it quits, they’re always on-and-off again,
Max is dating Lucas, while Nancy goes with Jonathan. 

They discover tunnels running underneath the town,
Filled with deadly Demo-Dogs inside the Upside Down,
Bob stays back, takes the hit, he’ll be missed,
Eleven seals the portal then she gives Mike a kiss!

Nineteen Eighty-Five, the gang is getting tall,
Everybody’s growing up and shopping at the mall, 
Steve and Robin work the counter at the Scoops Ahoy,
And figure out the Russians have a super-secret ploy. 

Hopper isn’t happy that Eleven’s kissin’ boys,
But then he turns around and puts the moves on Joyce,
Dustin has a girl, no one thinks it’s true,
She calls him Dusty-Bun, and he calls her Suzie-Poo. Ew!

The mall is just a front, and things get tense,
So Erica agrees to pull a Die Hard in the vents,
Billy and Hopper get got, it’s gory,
But that’s just life in Hawkins, it’s a Never-Ending Story!

But that’s just life in Hawkins, it’s a Never-Ending Story!

Stranger Things Recap Rap Video:

The Cast of Stranger Things raps a recap of Stranger Things from its first season to the third season.

The Stranger Things casts who raps this are Noah Schnapp the one who plays Will Byers in Stranger things and the others are Priah Ferguson, Caleb McLaughlin, Gaten Matarazzo & Maya Hawke who plays Erica Sinclair, Lucas Sinclair, Dustin Henderson & Robin Buckley respectively.

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