Wednesday beats Stranger Things 4

Hi nerds, are you looking for an answer to this “Did Wednesday beat Stranger Things?” Well, it’s true Wednesday beats Stranger Things Season 4 debut-week watch hours.

The Addams Family spin-off, Wednesday has surpassed Stranger Things Season 4 as the most viewed English language series in its opening week on Netflix.

Wednesday beats Stranger Things Season 4 Watch Hours

Wednesday was the number 1 show in 83 countries & Netflix estimates that more than 50 million households around the world watched at least a portion of the series.

During its first week, the series received 341.2 million hours of global viewing, breaking the previous record of 335 million hours set by Stranger Things Season 4.

Despite this, the total falls short of Squid Game’s all-time opening week record set last year.

Wednesday vs Stranger Things

Wednesday and Stranger Things are insignificant in comparison to Squid Game, which has the highest number of views on Netflix all time.

Squid Game received 571.76 million hours of viewing time in its debut week.

The success of Wednesday will be seen as an enormous triumph for Netflix, a streaming platform that has devoted much of its time and resources in recent years to developing original content.

Stranger Things will undoubtedly respond when its fifth and final season premieres, but for the time being, Wednesday has taken the glory.

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