Stranger Things Season 5 Fan Theories

Hi stranger things fans, Are you also waiting for Stranger Things 5? Well, here are some Stranger Things Season 5 theories that you’ll enjoy reading.

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So, without any further ado, let’s start with those season 5 theories.

Stranger Things Season 5 Theories

Here are those season 5 theories that fans commented on that Pin. Let’s start reading those.

Ok I have been waiting to say this but hear me out, my friend and I believe Eddie will come back to life or is alive, in the episode where Jason comes to talk to Erica you can see for a split second that she is painting a D&D character (I forgot the name) and the character she was painting is also who Eddie plays with during the game, the character also is Vecnas right hand man-so my friend and I believe that Eddie will come back as him and turn against Vecna in some kind of final battle.
So I have Two… 1) Eddie is going to come back as a Vampire. He has bats tattoos and the bats he were bitten with were actually bats that a DnD character was bitten by (Kas) but he came back to life. This is more for fun. 2) Max Can be used as a weapon. Billy was controlled by the mindflyer who was from the Upside-down well Max could be controlled as well as her brother and eleven can give her some power so she can help her defeat the creatures in the Upside-down. There are my theories.
I think bc Vecna needs a new body he will take El, Max, or Will’s body, I think we are going to see a lot of Byler, I also think Joyce, Hopper, or Robin may die, I think we’ll find out that Karen really is 001’s sister, and that she will have a big part in S5, Robin and Nancy will get together or Steve and Nancy will, I think Suzie and Eden will have a big part in S5, and I think they will go back in time (thru the Upside Down), and bring back everyone who died (Alexei, Eddie, Bob, etc.)
I believe that the painting that will painted with the dungeons and dragons monster they are going to have to fight that in the final season because Wale has visions and he draws them so I think that as well as vision and they’re going to have to fight the dungeons and dragons monster.
I think because of DnD Eddie turns into a vampire and becomes Vecna’s “sidekick” and stabs him in the back. While Caleb bring up the word traitor, the counselor came to mind. Vecna has talked about a key and she wears a key around her neck, and the clocks she has are key shaped. This can’t be a coincidence right. I mean how does Vecna get all the information about there trauma? Or Vecna will take wills body because he’s hurt and needs a new one and he can still feel him so maybe he’s the contact.
I think the dragon form dnd will be the new villain that they have to fight my reasoning is the painting that will painted for mike had the dragon I mean that isn’t really proof but I think it might be true.
I think Eddie is number 13 because he told chrissy that his hair was buzzed and he didn’t have any of his tattoos and their hair and eyes are the same color plus he wasn’t super surprised when they all told him about el.
I think somehow idk how yet, but somehow sense in the upside down is technically in the past, it’s the day will went missing in the upside down, they can figure out how to use that to save everyone.
I think Eddie is dead but he’ll come back in Dustin’s flashback or memory or something Steve and robin will start to like each other a little and max will stay in a coma until the end of season 5 she’ll come back and help destroy/kill vecna or she is a new vessel for vecna or will will be.
I think hawkins will turn into another form of the upside down and everyone who enters is now in vecnas control. The crew will have to fine a way to get into there and not get possessed and try and beat off everyone in there and once vecna in defeated everythkng will go back to normal. I also think even will get her powers back and will hav Ethel fully contrôlée but even stronger and better and I think max will gain powers too.
I think El and Mike will break up and Will will tell Mike his feelings one day when he had enough of Mike’s bulkrap about El. I also believe that Will will have a connection with vecna still since vecna is the creator of the upside down.
I think that vecna will have all of the monsters in the upside down come through the cracks and all of Hawkins will have to fight ( like they’re family’s the town etc.) I also think that vecna will use wills body as a host and use him as a spy again.
I think karen wheeler is alice creel bc she has the creel house on her poster and has nothing to do with it.
I think Eddie is alive I think he’s in the upside down and Will and Max are connected to the upside down and with their guidance Eddie will figure out how to get back and he will find El when she is traveling. and they have will defeated Vecna with the help of max and will.

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